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CSEP Certified Health and Fitness Professionals

- Have the highest level of training in the industry,

- Adhere to a strict code of conduct,

Follow the industry standards for physical activity, fitness, and lifestyle appraisals,

- Have a complete understanding of the optimal means to improve physical fitness and health status in a safe and individualized manner,

- Are covered by industry leading insurance


Setting the Standard for Health and Fitness Professionals

The CSEP Health _ Fitness Program      was established by the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) in 1981 to address needs and concerns of personnel working in the physical activity, fitness and lifestyle appraisal industry.

 “Bridging research to practice by training and certifying professionals to assess, prescribe and counsel clients while promoting an active lifestyle for all individuals."


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Starting April 1 2014, all CSEP-CPT members will start submitting professional development credits every 2 years as part of the renewal process. This is mandatory for all CSEP-CPT members. The new PDC chart has now released and it  applies to both CSEP-CPTs and CSEP-CEPs.

CLICK HERE to check out the new professional development credits chart

If you have any questions about the new chart or about collecting professional development credits please contact the CSEP BC office.



Dear Members,

The CSEP BC office is now accepting renewals for 2012-2013. Please login to the Member Area of the site to complete your renewal online or to access the appropriate mail-in renewal forms for your certification.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your 2012-2013 renewal, please contact the Provincial Office.



Oral health care is one of the top priorities when it comes to dealing with the health care system in Canada. There are a number of activities and programs organized by health care workers that are targeted to disseminate information and knowledge regarding oral care to the general public. There are dental associations that help raise awareness on how to promote and maintain a healthy set of teeth and gums. These programs educate the public on the basic steps on how to take care of their oral health. This kind of advocacy is supported by the government, Canadian dental association and local dental health professionals. This promotion is also reinforced by the tooth doctor represents.

Preventive care is one of the best solutions to avoid having dental health problems. There are many ways to keep and maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Ask your dentist for a cleaning

Visit your dentist and ask for a cleaning. This helps prevent cavities and tooth decay. Once you ignore the build-up of plaque in your mouth, the enamel starts to wear thin. This leads to damaged tooth or in some cases, gum disease and tooth loss. Regular consumption of tea or coffee adds stain in your teeth. Cleaning can strip away those stains leaving your pearly whites as bright and shiny as it can be.

Eliminate bad breath

Getting your teeth cleaned is also a good way of eliminating bad odor in your mouth. There are many factors that lead to bad breath but regular brushing and cleaning will give you a clean and fresh feeling. The smell in your breath is technically from the food particles and bacteria left in your mouth. Some causes may also be from medical infections, stress, dryness, food and several other factors. You can always ask your SE dentist Calgary representative to give you more tips on how to avoid and treat halitosis.

Do not use your teeth as a scissor

It is also wise to be aware of habits that can damage your teeth. Never use your teeth as a scissor. Many of us do this out of habit because we are either too lazy to find a pair of scissors or we want to appear resourceful. Opening a bag of chips with our teeth will not add to our machismo. Instead, it will only peel off layers of enamel in our teeth, leaving it weak and brittle. This also applies when chewing pens or biting your nails.

Stop smoking

Stop smoking. You already know what it can do to your body but you still do it anyway. Just to add to the many risks you can acquire from this bad habit, you will multiply your chances of getting oral cancer, gum disease and tooth loss.

Always bring your toothbrush and toothpaste

Don't leave your toothbrush at home. Be hygienic and always carry your toothbrush and toothpaste with you. Plaque builds up fast in your teeth especially food that gets stuck in between. The longer you postpone brushing, the harder it is to clean. Put a floss in your bag too.

These preventive measures are basically easy to follow yet many of us fail to do so. Having a proper mindset will help you maintain and achieve a healthy oral state. Always ask your SE dentist Calgary representative for more tips on oral care.


CSEP BC's initiative, the Physical Activity Line, is proud to be apart of the new Healthy Families BC strategy program, Prescription For Health.

 Patients participating in the Prescription for Health Program will be eligible for a one-time subsidy of up to $50 towards a physical activity or nutrition program which includes services from a CSEP Certified Health and Fitness Professional!

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